Welkom bij Marikari, een gezellige woon- en cadeauwinkel midden in het mooie Drentse dorp Norg. Hier geven wij u een indruk van onze winkel vol linnengoed, kussens, zepen, aardewerk, streekproducten, kaarsen, boeken, speelgoed, babykleding en nog veel meer. Kijk eens rond op de site, lees ons blog, of kom gezellig winkelen in ons mooie Norg.

Asserstraat 7
Telefoon: 0592-613528



Dinsdag t/m Zaterdag van 09:30 – 12:00 uur en 13:30 – 17:00 uur

Zie onze Facebook pagina voor afwijkende openingstijden tijdens vakanties en feestdagen.







38 thoughts on “Welkom

  1. Dear Karin,
    thanks a lot for the gift you send for me in Tante Miannes package. The bells are wonderful! And I still love the smell of the verbena body lotion! My friends are pretty jealous! Hope to see you soon and hope to shop at your wonderful world of gifts and scents, too! Love Frauke

  2. My tent’s poles were broken in a storm and now the tent company aren’t sell replacement products anymore. So I was just going to find my own, but i don’t know if I have to buy the same diameter or if I can just buy some different diameter poles.

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    Too cool!

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  7. Ik verlang er zo naar om jullie weer eens te bezoeken. Ik heb opdrachten voor sokken en wil kijken naar de opal. Groetjes, Jetty Tempelman van de scooter, nu een klein elektrisch scootertje.

  8. Why do you look at me with hateful eyes? Why… “Killing me?” No, you… You can’t kill me. With any sword… If I bring out my spirit, you will die to me. If there was a circle, you don’t have to call out Spirit… No… Maybe just with my sword. So…” The racers paused for a moment. He couldn’t even know what he wanted to say. This is not what he wanted to say.

  9. What he really wants to say is, not bragging about his power… The racers raised their hands and touched Sina’s red cheeks in anger. “…give up, girl. And… “… One more time, please smile. I don’t know what I did wrong, so you do this to me. However, Sina shook her head hard and shook off his hand. “Don’t touch it!” And let go! I won’t be able to kill you?!! You’re welcome–!!!” Suddenly, a strong wind blew between them.

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  10. The racers stepped back, letting go of Sina’s hand under the tremendous pressure that erupted in the middle of them. “Wait and see!” I’m going to do anything! Mimentaumerai!! “There seemed to be a craze in the room. It is the same combat mind control command as before, but this time it was not mind control. The racers staggered as the silver energy hit his body. All the objects in the room collapsed in the strong wind, flew away, and the thousand and curtains flapped arbitrarily.

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  11. “Pionionion?” The racers turned his head and said in a very cold voice. “Not at all. I don’t feel any responsibility for you. And I’m not as kind as you say I am.But what? Do you confess to the boys?” Racer’s voice was laughed at. “Oh, I see. Come to think of that. I guess that’s your taste. To confess to the boys. Is that why you tried it on me?It’s fun.”

  12. Somehow, Sina felt uneasy and looked at her side. I don’t think it’s very interesting…? It looked so unpleasant that Sina looked down at Apines, who was lying in front of them with the racers’ coat covered. She was asleep. “Stir… I mean…”I don’t even remember now. Who is who?

  13. Really, right…” But the racers still looked unpleasant, and Sina hesitated and said. “So… The reason I said this is because Pionion… Pionion has a fiancee. Very beautiful princess… So, I thought about it all day yesterday. Pionionion said that there’s a different meaning to it. “Fan ID” likes me like a draft with her younger sister… Right?

  14. When Sina talked about Kalisna, the racers turned their heads. And I looked at Sina with deep eyes. “Where did you hear Kalisna talk?” And when Sina explained the whole story, she nodded with deeper sinking eyes. Sina shrugged her shoulders. “Haha… Anyway. If I hadn’t met the princess yesterday morning, I would have completely misunderstood what Pionionion said,” but the Racers said in a slightly sullen voice. ”

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  15. I’m a Pionionion.” That’s natural. That’s why I’ve been calling him Pionion. Sina made a positive expression. “So… It will take a little longer to formally welcome you. It’s too much to hold Kalis and Hanuka Day this year. Next year, at the earliest… I’ll be with you in two years… No, that was the year of sexual intercourse. However, I promise. I will be able to spend Hanuka Day with you at least three years later.”

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  16. An angry voice erupted from the witness stand. “I can’t admit this!” Lukanaan, who was sweating, was surprised and saw the witness. Elijahion Guardiel jumped up and was talking. “What kind of duel is this?” Let’s fight again! Pointing a sword at the person who tripped over a stone! Still, is it Luit? “Lucanaan’s face turned red. Even so, I can’t stand the difference in skills and pride, but when El Yacion pointed it out,

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  17. I was worried and ashamed that he might have seen through this situation with his ability. However, Luon Luparte had no choice but to protest. “However, Lya Xion…” Whether you trip over a rock or something, that’s a skill… I also acknowledged that and tried to hand over a white handkerchief.”Shut up!” I, ELYASION, can’t accept this kind of duel!”Technically, Luon Luparte was right a hundred times. but

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  18. Manote but lively, alive, Chylus Zadion. So Clonia Serensis canceled her marriage with SEON MARIS, who had to be in that very year, and got on the road of Elijahion. And the result is as it is now. “Did Elijahion say ‘precious’ in that sense, too?” But Elijahion Gadiel couldn’t and wasn’t thinking about that at all. “What are you talking about?” No… More than that! I had diarrhea.

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  19. It must be Asterin, right?” “—!” Racers! When did I say I’d give Sestin a pair? Asterine and Sestin’s wedding will go on as planned!”–!” The racers’ eyes shone. “Then…” But Elijahion Gadiel ignored the racers’ hopeful gaze. “But don’t hold onto useless hearts!” I’ve said this so many times, but not Sina! “Your old sister and Luon Ludrat— The hope you have is in vain!” “—!!!”

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  20. “It’s for you!” So, that’s what I’m saying. Go away! “Fan ID”! Is it because of the black Elijahion?!” “Well–” Then Gadiel sighed deeply. “Right! And that’s not the only problem!” As planned… Sina is like… I see. If there’s no problem, I’ll be the Pionionion of Kyrus!” The racers’ complexion changed. “By the way,

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  21. You’re going to use such a great person as a concubine”? Does that make sense? What about your fiancee Kalisna? Are you going to break up with her? How can you say something that doesn’t make sense? Racers, listen to me! – Human emotions are… – It’s just an instant! Love, attachment! As time goes by, things like that turn into boredom and sigh! I’ve never seen that exception in a long time!” “Even so–!” said the racers with a distorted face.

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  22. I did… But why did this girl remember that? Why do you remember this? But as soon as I tried to find the source. As always, there was another huge pressure. who doesn’t want to come close. That high and absolute barrier… Ludat may have lost his mind for a while. When she opened her eyes again, Sina was crying and watching Ludrat. “Drat!! What’s wrong?!! What?!” Ludrat was more relieved that Sina was next to him than anything else.

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  23. Perhaps, if I hadn’t been holding her. It might have gone to Healer. “…It’s okay…” I never gave up. In the past, I would have stepped down from here. It’s different now… The desperate reason to cross this barrier. But then, another pain hits me.—It’s hard to bear. The most painful pain he had ever suffered–as if he had suffered it, Sina screamed. Or did you scream yourself?

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  24. Ludat once again hung on Sina’s shoulder. Black… It’s very… “Serensis—!!!” Sina shouted his name in a crying voice. “Serensis…” “Don’t die!” Sina… Loudrat, faintly whispered her name. And a little smile, too. There’s no way I’ll die like this. Don’t you think so? However, as if she misunderstood that his body was getting cold, she cried and shouted. “Serensis!” I… I’m sorry! I won’t bother you anymore! You don’t come carelessly!

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